How to regulate the home rental markets? An idea from (wait for it) Brussels!

“Types of properties and contracts in Brussels

Belgian rental contracts have some quirks, particularly the standard of a nine-year contract (often known as a 3-6-9 contract as the landlord can only increase the base rent every three years). Read more about regulation and contacts in our guide to renting in Belgium.

Short or long term?

In Belgium, a short-term contract is three years or less, however, the standard contract of nine years can actually be more flexible. Short-term contracts impose a penalty for giving notice before the end of the contract; in many cases, you will be charged for the full duration of the contract if you leave early.

Longer contracts – from nine years to the long-term contract of up to 25 years or ‘for life’ – impose penalties (up to three months’ rent) for giving notice in the first three years; after four years, no penalty applies for breaking a contract. Even where penalties apply, the tenant can give three months’ notice at any time.

On the other side, landlords will also have to pay a penalty of several months’ rent to the tenant if they give the tenant notice to leave.”