Are DCC councillors refusing to let Claire Wright’s star shine before local elections?

Owl says:

Local council elections: 2 May 2019

Greater Exeter Strategic plan:
not going out for consultation until June 2019

Claire Wright’s long-promised inquiry into how Devon carers are coping:
Delayed by at least a year to June 2019 at the earliest

Anyone smell rats (on a sinking ship)?

“My efforts to get a spotlight review into how Devon carers are faring seems to have hit another delay.

I first proposed a review at the April Health and Adult Care Scrutiny Committee meeting of last year, but the vote was delayed until councillors had visited the contractors who look after the service, Westbank League of Friends.

My interest in the subject was sparked after reading a report which indicated that many carers were feeling exhausted, ill and short of money. Here is the background –

After a useful meeting at Westbank, I duly proposed a spotlight review once again at the September meeting. It was agreed this time.

I have now enquired twice when this review is going to have its first meeting but have had unsatisfactory answers.

At yesterday’s committee meeting I asked again when the first meeting was going to take place.

I was told that it wouldn’t take place until at least June as more information was needed.

I pointed out that this was almost a year after I had proposed the review (actually it is longer as I originally proposed it last April but it was not agreed then).

But the chair said the information was required before a spotlight review was held.

This is deeply disappointing and feels as though the issue is being kicked into the long grass.

I know many carers out there are struggling and to defer this issue is unfair and wrong in my view.

I will definitely be pursuing this.”

One thought on “Are DCC councillors refusing to let Claire Wright’s star shine before local elections?

  1. If there is one person that the Tories hate with a passion even greater than they hate Jeremy Corbyn, that person will be Claire Wright!!!

    But their hate will be for exactly the same reasons – that both of them epitomise the opposite of what the Tories stand for; compassion rather than nastiness, honesty rather than lies, a genuine belief in democracy rather than a pathological dislike of being transparent or accountable (vampires cringing away from sunlight is the image that comes unbidden to mind when I think of Tories and transparency / accountability).

    So it wouldn’t surprise me at all to learn that they are deliberately delaying things that might be embarrassing to them until after the May elections.


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