“Bus Companies Earned Billions Amid Savage Cuts To Routes, Analysis Shows”

“Bus companies in England pocketed a total of £3.3bn in profits while they presided over swingeing cuts to vital routes, figures show.

Private firms together made hundreds of millions operating busses outside London each year since the coalition government came to power in 2010, official data has revealed.

Yet a report by the Transport Commissioner found almost 17,000 bus routes have disappeared over the past five years.

HuffPost UK reported last week how tightened council budgets have made bus services that were under-used, but previously considered essential, vulnerable to cuts.

Labour – which analysed the figures – said the stats highlighted how the bus industry “puts profit before millions of passengers”. …”


One thought on ““Bus Companies Earned Billions Amid Savage Cuts To Routes, Analysis Shows”

  1. It’s easy to see how this happened, and how it was enabled by privatisation.

    A publicly run bus company operates several routes, some more profitable than others. Let’s say 10 routes with a total subsidy of £10m a year.

    A private company says I can run them for £9.5m a year – and they are privatised.

    The new company says routes 8, 9 and 10 are unprofitable. I will run routes 1-7 for £6.7m a year subsidy.

    Then it says routes 5,6 and 7 have reduced numbers – if you still want them I will need £8m in subsidies.

    Another year on, it says routes 5-7 are still unprofitable. I will run routes 1-4 for £5m in subsidies.

    Now it is running only the profitable routes 1-4 and is still receiving a subsidy at a greater amount per route than when they started.

    Its a traditional sleight of hand trick as used by street con artists for centuries.

    And in the mean time the majority of bus routes have disappeared.


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