“Pork Barrel politics”: why ‘good news’ always comes just before elections

Portishead Independents tell it as it is!

“Pork Barrel Politics

There’s a lot of good news in Portishead at the moment. In our local papers you may have seen headlines like

“£180,000 to be spent on precinct regeneration”
“New investment brings rail line closer”
“New playground opens “

And without a doubt these are all great news stories,but have you ever stopped to wonder why we as a town are suddenly so lucky. Well it’s down to something that the Americans call Pork Barrel Politics.

It works like this a Cllr or two worried about their seats asks their party boss if there is any spare cash available to fund some projects that concern their voters say a new railway line that’s been delayed for years or a shopping precinct that’s in urgent need of repair.

They put out a press release with a quote from the Councillor so that the voters know whose “working hard” for them and just like that they expect the voters to forgot how awful they’ve been the last 4 years and re-elect them.

And if anyone mentions this and complains then the councillors supporters say “look at these people, you see they are never happy”.

Expect the papers in the next few weeks to be full of good news stories.

Why ?

Because they are scared of you, they are scared that you know there’s a better way. They are scared that change is coming to our town.

Portishead independents, your team, your town.”