Swire has another new job – paying (at least) £312.50 per hour … for 8 hours a month with an Irish connection!

8 hours ‘work” a month – 4 short lunches or two long ones! And if you add the £15,000 upfront payment in February 2019, his hourly rate goes up to £468.75!

)Sadly the words ‘East Devon’ do not appear anywhere below!)

From 1 February 2019 until further notice, non-executive chairman of the Enbarr Fund, an early stage venture capital fund with universities in Ireland. Remuneration from Imprimatur Capital, Fifth Floor, 1 Tudor Street, London EC4Y 0AH. I received £15,000 on 6 February 2019 and until further notice I will receive £2,500 a month in return for a monthly commitment equivalent to 8 hrs. (Registered 22 February 2019)


Owl cannot find any informative on “Enbarr Fund”, although there are other companies with the name Enbarr in them. So, what is “Imprimature Capital” to which it is linked? Hard to say – this is how they describe themselves:

“We are an international boutique science and technology investor. We specialise in medium and long term intellectual property (IP) opportunities, emerging from a unique international network, including leading universities and research institutions.

Established in 2003, and headquartered in London, we are a direct investor and a UK FCA regulated fund management company. We collaborate and partner internationally with experienced investment, finance and technology professionals, including our own high-net-worth and institutional shareholders, to deliver a return on investment.”


Owl finds this somewhat difficult to understand. In translation, it seems to imply they simply exist to make shedloads of money for rich clients!

Who is on its advisory board?

Katarina Uherova Hasbani
“Katarina has more than 15 years of professional experience across most of the sub-sectors of energy, including energy efficiency, renewable energy, power, water and natural gas. She currently works with private sector clients, enabling their innovation and market entry into clean energy markets in South East Asia, Middle East and Central Asia. …”

Hans Van Linschoten
“Hans has been an entrepreneur and a strategy consultant working in Europe, USA, Middle East and India since 1988 after attending the University of Nyenrode, a renowned business school in The Netherlands. His vast fields of experience span from mobile technology disciplines and cloud computing to on- and offline consumer marketing. As an entrepreneur, Hans has (co-)founded over twenty-five companies. Some of these were acquired, some merged with other companies and some failed utterly with the latter bringing most valuable lessons learned. …”

Kirsten Jack
“Kirsten has delivered urban infrastructure and local economic development consultancies for multilateral development banks such as EBRD and AfDB, and led major initiatives for governments in Syria, Russia, China and Nigeria. …”

Peter Jaco
“Peter Jaco is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor specialising in cyber security, internet of things and block chain technologies. After his 10-year career at Reuters where he was commercial director for their US$1bn interbank transactions products trading business, he has co-founded or invested in several cyber security and encryption start-ups including BeCrypt and Digital Shadows. …”


And, just so you know, here are his other current “jobs”:

From 15 November 2016, Deputy Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. Address: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX. From 1 April 2018 I expect to be paid £2,083 every month until further notice. Hours: 10 hrs per month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 16 November 2016; updated 22 May 2018)

From 19 March 2018 until further notice, Non-Executive Chairman of the British Honey Company, Unit 3 Vista Place, Coy Pond Business Park, Ingworth Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 1JY. I will receive shares with a value of £50,000, in lieu of two years’ payment. Hours: expected to be about 5 hrs a month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 22 May 2018)

From 11 October 2018 to 11 October 2020, Senior Adviser giving strategic advice to Brennan and Partners Ltd, of Wilmington House, High St, East Grinstead, RH19 3AU; a provider of strategic investment advice for the Latin American market. Fees will be based on a percentage of profit and on my contribution to the business. Expected time commitment: between 2 and 4 hours per quarter. (Registered 26 October 2018)

and still has his dormant company with Russian oil magnate Oleg Derepaska’s good mate (Lord) Greg Barker:

From 12 December 2016, partner in Eaglesham Investments (not yet trading) which was set up to focus on renewable energy projects. (Registered 22 May 2018)


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