Clyst St Mary ‘being swallowed by Exeter’ (and Cranbrook too)

“Villagers in Clyst St Mary watched in horror as yet another lorry overturned within feet of their back gardens this week – the second identical crash in recent months – and they say it is just one symptom of growing traffic problems.

DevonLive went to ask villagers about the overturning lorry problem – but it turns out that is just one of the many traffic issues they are dealing with. One villager whose house backs on to the roundabout says she remembers it happening four or five times before.

Over the years villagers have witnessed a huge increase in traffic. Now they feel they are in danger of ‘being swallowed by Exeter’ as yet more development is planned.

Clyst St Mary sits only about 200 yards from the busy M5. It also gets all the traffic heading to Westpoint, the Devon County Show-ground and the village is bisected by the A376 and A3052 to Exmouth and Sidmouth. …

… Ultimately they need to slow the traffic. It’s supposed to be 40mph – but they don’t slow down on the roundabout if there is nothing coming from the right.

“For us getting out of the village and driving on to that roundabout is a real issue. People in the village think there should be traffic lights so we can get out safely. At rush hour you take your life in your hands.”

And just in case you weren’t sure if Cranbrook is a suburb of Exeter, a local resident sent this to Owl, received through the door recently a survey of how active residents are, complete with Exeter City Council address and logo: