Councillors discovering a new sense of purpose – just before elections …

Elections are funny things. Just before them some councillors seem to find a new sense of purpose …

Take Seaton, where disgraced ex-Mayor Peter Burrows (who has refused to resign as a town and district councillor despite a unanimous vote at town level for him to do so and where the district Monitoring Officer has admonished him) has recently developed a burning interest in beach cleaning and has organised two within a few weeks of each other, with lots of publicity for them.

Seaton will surely have one of the cleanest beaches in East Devon before 2 May!

BUT the Plastic Free Seaton Facebook page (admin Peter Burrows) is a CLOSED group so you have to ask his permission to contribute. Mr Burrows sure does like to control his websites!

Seaton’s rogue councillor is at it again on Facebook. I’m reporting him to the Liberal Democrats, because this self-appointed Town Censor certainly isn’t a liberal. Paddy Ashdown must be turning in his grave.

If you have further stories of new councillor interests, feel free to share them.

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