Another Devon ‘new town’ hit by complaints about poor build

“RESIDENTS have threatened to quit a new town over hundreds of faults with their homes — including no frosted glass on bathroom windows overlooking footpaths.

Homeowners in newly-built Sherford, to the east of Plymouth, Devon, are in “turmoil” including one who says she has 140 problems with her property.

Locals say around 50 people want to move from the houses — worth up to £500,000 — but claim they have been banned from putting up ‘For Sale’ signs.

Jeff Lyle, who says he’s experienced mould and damp since moving in in 2017 claims he cannot shower or go to the toilet in peace because his window is transparent — and people can see in.

Linden Homes has confirmed he is barred from having a frosted window pane as it goes against the town’s planning code.

The 47-year-old said: “I have got nothing but problems. The window is a big problem. I have got mould in the bathroom and bedroom.

“As quickly as you clean it off, it keeps coming back.

“It’s just been doing my head in — especially when it seems like they can’t do one thing that you ask for.

“You try and keep the properties nice, but you ask yourself, is it worth it? It’s affecting everyday life.”


One woman said her mum’s health has plummeted since moving into her assisted living flat, which she took on as part of a lease deal with LiveWest.

There were a whopping 140 defects identified when she moved in and many have yet to be rectified, the family claim.

They say the outside bin shed is out of order forcing disabled tenants to walk with their waste out onto the road.

The tenant’s daughter said: “The wind howls through [the windows] and when someone came to take a look they sprayed foam all around the top to try and keep the air in. That was their way of trying to fix it.

“The light outside doesn’t work — my mum is disabled yet has to use a torch to go out at night.

“The step out the front of the flat is wobbly and not fixed down.

“Moving here has turned into her worst nightmare. She moved here, thinking this would be perfect.

“Instead there are so many issues.”


In a statement, Linden Homes said: “We can confirm that the timber sash windows have been fitted correctly and they’ve also been inspected and verified by the manufacturer.

“The communal bin shed doors were also fitted correctly but they were re-designed for ease of access and the bin store has been fully accessible throughout. The front and rear lights to the customer’s property are also working.”

The company added: “The procedure for reporting any issues for housing association customers is for them to contact their housing provider, Live West and we then carry out any necessary remedial work.

“We are very proud of the properties we are creating at Sherford and our team is passionate to deliver quality homes as part of the exciting new town.”