First thoughts on election candidates

Paul Diviani (former Tory Leader) still living in Yarty Ward but standing in Broadclyst. Very helpful if Cranbrook extension needs highly localised support.

Stuart Hughes (formerly Monster Raving Loony Party and Conservative (no – not the same thing) ) now standing as “Independent”. still has a few more parties to go through yet!

Disgraced Lib Dem ex-Mayor of Seaton Peter Burrows standing again for District for the same party, along with his wife and 6 other candidates including two East Devon Alliance.

Fair proportion of REAL independents but several suspiciously right-leaning ones who have always followed the Tory line in the past and who seem to easily get on to committees …..

Contested towns and parishes listed but not uncontested towns and parishes (eg Cranbrook, Seaton) whereas uncontested districts are listed.

East Devon Alliance has strong showing, including Chairman Paul Arnott in Colyton.

3 thoughts on “First thoughts on election candidates

  1. Assuming you are referring to District elections, begs the question why is Stuart Hughes still shown as a Tory councillor on the Devon County Council website? Split personality?


    • He always puts Independent at town council and Conservative at District and County.


    • That’s because the Sidmouth Town Council is non political and I have always stood for the town council as an Independent even in my Raving Loony days… perhaps the East Devon Watch should wise up and see exactly which party I was first elected to East Devon as…. it wasn’t as an OMRLP


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