“Cash-strapped primary school forced to turn off lights for a day each week”

“A school is forced to turn off lights one day a week because of Tory cuts.

Campaigners said the head made the decision to provide cash elsewhere in the budget.

Other schools are closing at lunchtime on Fridays to save money while some heads are working shifts at other schools to raise funds.

There are also reports of heads cleaning toilets as well as acting as caretakers while support staff face the axe.

Sue McMahon, of West Yorkshire group Calderdale Against School Cuts, said the shocking accounts were from a survey of schools which showed senior staff in “an intolerable position”.

She added: “We recently told of a caretaker working with­out the lights on. It is the same with the primary school with no lights.” The school is not being named for fear of driving away parents. …”


One thought on ““Cash-strapped primary school forced to turn off lights for a day each week”

  1. The government keeps claiming that they are spending more then ever on education (implication being “in real terms” and on the same things) when they are siphoning off money for to fund their pet projects for Academy Schools a.k.a privatisation and for Free Schools also a.k.a. privatisation and failing to ensure that the total amount keeps pace with rising costs.

    The reality is that most local schools are facing huge cuts, are shedding teachers, increasing class sizes, using unqualified assistants where they would previously have used teachers, asking parents to buy basics like pencils and toilet rolls, as well as closing on Friday afternoons or needing to work in gloomy conditions where children cannot see clearly what the teacher or they are writing.

    This is a Broken Britain – a condition entirely the making of a Conservative Party who have rewarded their party donors with big tax breaks at the expense of every public service and every ordinary person in the country.


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