Linden homes: catalogue of serious problems in new Exeter home

“A new build owner has shared shocking pictures of her mouldy bathroom which came to light months after moving into what she thought would be a hassle free home.

Linda Hamlet claims the first problems began from the day she moved into the Linden Homes development Tithe Barn in Pinhoe, Exeter, when ‘snagging’ issues included being unable to lock her front door because it was misaligned.

Since then the main problem in three-bed semi-detached home has been four leaks, including from a u-bend which was not connected properly in the kitchen, and a rotten wall and mouldy floors in the ensuite and bathroom.

Linda said: “I went two months without being able to use the shower in our ensuite as they used mastic instead of grout after the first leak. At same time there was two botch jobs made with our leaking bathroom sink.

“I could smell a horrible smell in the bathrooms and it turns out it was because the floors were mouldy underneath. They were just going to regroup the tiles until I insisted there must be underlying damage. Then they only removed tiles and saw the stinking rotten wall.

“I have spent nearly £300,000 on a new house as I thought it would give me peace of mind because I could close the door and enjoy my life, but I haven’t been able to and now have a problem with missing pointing in the brickwork. I haven’t been given an apology and I haven’t been offered compensation.”

A Linden Homes spokesperson said: “We pride ourselves on the quality of our homes and our customer care. Our dedicated customer care team have been in regular contact with Ms Hamlet to rectify the minor faults in her property that have appeared during the snagging and defects period.

“We have worked to complete these items as quickly as possible, and with minimum disruption for the customer. We will continue to work with Ms Hamlet to ensure that any identified defects are resolved and any repairs are carried out, under the conditions of her warranty.”