And yet another Tory councillor from far, far away (170 miles) it seems – this time Seaton?

NOTE: if this is NOT the same person, Owl is very happy to be contacted by either or both of the people with this name to clear up the matter ( as quickly as possible.

This time a sitting councillor in West Sussex – Mrs Jacquie Russell. On her nomination paper for Seaton she gives her address as “East Devon District”:

She appears to be an East Grinstead Town Councillor:


“Jacquie sits on the Public Services Committee at present and is also a West Sussex County Council for East Grinstead South and Ashurst Wood.”


though apparently not standing for re-election this year:

and she sits on her local district council too:

“Jacquie Russell is a former Co-Director of a Construction Project management company and is now a Property Developer. Previously she has been Leader of East Grinstead Town Council and Chairmen of its Planning Committee. She is a mother of five, grandmother of two, and enjoys walking and photography.”

though, again, not standing this year.

So, is this a coincidence? It seems unlikely as she DOES tweet about our area – although her tweets are private) you can see this Google listing:

Maybe she is/was a second home owner? If so, it would no doubt be useful for them to have a voice on the district council, there being so many of them!

Or maybe she has just moved or about to move into the district?

But not immersed in East Devin local politics with all that work in East Grinstead!

Seaton voters, if they see her about, might well have a few questions to ask her!

2 thoughts on “And yet another Tory councillor from far, far away (170 miles) it seems – this time Seaton?

  1. And a big well done to Phil Twiss for bringing a candidate from elsewhere who has STILL not demonstrated her commitment to East Devon by resigning from West Sussex County Council despite moving here 2 years ago.

    Thanks also to Phil Twiss for bringing us a candidate who has shown how different she is from EDA Candidates and Councillors such as those named above by virtue of having an association with far-right group British Voice (an offshoot of BNP).

    And finally thanks to Phil Twiss for apparently having briefing her so well that she is already parroting his own ill-informed anti-EDA rhetoric based on information that was out of date several years before Jacquie Russell moved to East Devon and which she almost certainly could not have got anywhere else.


  2. Well done Owl; you have excelled yourself in getting at least half of the story correct.

    I am happy to confirm that Jacquie Russell, a Conservative candidate in the forthcoming East Devon District Council elections on the 2nd of May (with fellow Conservative Marcus Hartnell) has lived in East Devon since 2017, where she is a Governor of the Axe Valley Academy, attended by one of her children. Admittedly not a born and bred local, but in that respect no different to EDA candidates including former Labour Party PPC Martin Shaw, Paul Arnott, Paul Hayward, Cathy Gardner etc………………………………..

    More details are of course available on her Election leaflets that is going to all electors in the Seaton ward.

    Promoted by Phillip Twiss on behalf of Jacquie Russell both of PO Box 57, Colyton, Devon, EX12 9AP


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