4 days to local elections – today’s pictures

Our theme today is privatisation. SO many national privatisations of services have gone wrong – utilities such railways, water, electricity, with bills getting higher and higher and with directors taking obscene bonuses. Failing Grayling and his privatisation of prisons and the probation services (and railways!). NHS privatisation accelerating to hyperspeed so that any future non-Tory government will be unable to unpick complicated contracts. Companies such as Carillion bidding low, paying themselves high, going bankrupt – us picking up the bills.

At local level: refuse collection, some planning services, leisure facilities, libraries, some “public” spaces now in private hands – used to belong to us, now belong to them.

EDDC Tories MUST support privatisation – it is, and always has been, a top priority of their party.

“Bloody privatisation, have you got 50p?”