Tories no-show at Sidmouth hustings last night

Last night’s hustings organised by Vision Group for Sidmouth ( VgS) gave the traditional chance for voters to quiz those standing for the Town and for District Council seats…. provided the candidates turn up, of course.

All the Independents, and a UKIP-er did. Very noticeably, not one local Conservative candidate for the District was there. Only Stuart Hughes bothered to send apologies, but was therefore not available to answer the obvious question of why he declares himself variously as Conservative, and as Independent, depending on which council he’s representing. (Is he simply more flexible than for example his Exmouth colleagues?)

Members of the public waited patiently at the empty tables set out for Tories Chris Wale, Sheila Kerridge and Tim Venner, but left disappointed. Wonder who’ll get their vote?

8 thoughts on “Tories no-show at Sidmouth hustings last night

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  2. The disappointment at that voters might feel at the non-appearance of Tim Venner for the Conservatives would surely have been exceeded by their disappointment if he had turned up. His support among voters in Ottery (when he stood here) has been negligible, even though the Venner name is well regarded in Ottery through the local reputation of his parents. In correspondence to the local press Tim has expressed his belief that the holding of left wing views is a moral offence, not be tolerated. Accepting the reality of climate change is an issue for him too, I gather. Of course, he may have changed his views on these matters along with changing the location in which he stands for election. Those and other questions might have been put to him at the hustings. But alas, as he did not show, the chance to relaunch his political career may have passed – permanently.


  3. Not sure just how many times you have to give the same answer to the wise owl, however as I’ve already explained at the beginning of the campaign …I have always stood as an Independent for the Town Council in the 28 years I have represented the North Ward…… this is because up until now the Town Council has been non political ….. I believe that the electorate have benefitted from this.


  4. It would have been nice to have been consulted and invited.

    Not that one could have negotiated with a team claiming to stand as Independent but work together as a left wing team


    • It seems a little odd that Hughes got an invitation but not Mr Venner. Did he check his junk mail box?


  5. Only 10 members of the public turned up, apparently, all E.D.A supporters. What a waste of time, far better out on the doorstep talking to the real voters who are genuinely interested in their locality, rather than constant negativity and scoring of political points. Sidmouth Towm Council has always been an independent council and the better for it, unlike Exmouth which went Political some years ago. Until now, that is where a newly registered party called Sidmouth Democracy9how amusing!) is putting up candidates. What a pity!


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