An owlet reports …

“Owl may like to hear from other indigenous flocks of birds that have, over decades, chosen to settle in small, rural nesting places, free from predatory, vulture-like species, whose aim appears to have been the destruction of the East Devon natural environment, primarily to further their own self-sustenance.

Without suitable culling, these raptorial groups with such voracious, insatiable appetites would have caused the ruination of many distinct, valued habitats throughout East Devon. This species is commonly known as “The Feather Their Own Nests Birds” (Latin name – ‘torymemberus senioradmindominari’)!

However, it appears that when birds of a feather flock together, their collective birdsong is so momentous that it can effect change. Most can hear the birdsong but few actually pay attention, fully understand and LISTEN. The East Devon resident bird population remains territorial, watchful and perched in anticipation.

Data supplied by a Local Ornithologist who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of targeted, defensive bird attacks!

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  1. Your writing Owl is up there with the best.
    I say this as someone who reads voraciously. I can spot rubbish writing in the opening sentence.
    I’m a reader not a writer.


    • Just realised that the Owlet post was not your writing? All the same, your writing big Owl is every bit as good as I said.


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