“Typical workers paid less than a decade ago while bankers get huge pay rises”

“The average British worker makes £17 a week less than they did a decade ago, once increases in the cost of living are taken into account.

But salaries for bankers and others in the finance sector are £120 a week higher than in 2009, a new study suggests.

To find the results, the TUC took a look at official earnings figures for different workers now, and compared them to those a decade ago. Then it factored in price rises.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “It’s not right that pay is racing ahead in the City when most working people are still worse off than a decade ago.

“The architects of the financial crisis are earning record amounts while teachers and nurses struggle to get by.”

Nurses and teachers are among workers hardest hit, with those employed in health and social work and education £36 a week worse off than in 2009, said the TUC.

By contrast, average real pay in the financial sector has increased by 9.3% (£119 a week) since 2009 reaching a record average of £1,405. …”