Our new independent-led council meets for the first time …

Dear Independents,

We have put our trust in you to be radically different to how local politics has been done for the last 45 years.

You have promised – and we expect: honesty, transparency and accountability.

We expect new, better ways of doing things. We expect residents to be put first – since you have no party politics to drag you, and us, down.

We expect to see a council that is in firm but fair control of its officers as they show them these new ways and insist on them being tried out.

No doubt sonetimes you will fail. If so, be honest, own up to it and fix it.

You can make the transformation we crave.

Make it work – for us as East Devonians and for you as individuals.

Stick with the Nolan principles of public life:


Nothing less.

We know you can do it, now show us we are right to put our trust in you.


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