Why is Owl anonymous?

Owl is currently receiving very frequent emails asking why it is anonymous:

1. To ensure that harrassing and/or threatening emails are not sent to a personal email address – there are already enough of them clogging up the Owl’s email box. Some have been a touch in the scary side.
2. Because, as said before, Owl is legion – contributions come from many sources and many contributors, quite a few of whom wish to remain anonymous (see 1 above).
3. Owl flies away sometimes, when other owls watch over the district.
4. It means people do not make value judgments of person but of content
5. It is not illegal to blog anonymously – although recently Owl has been accused of the illegal act of defamation. (Owl has asked the emailer to be more specific and has promised to publish the reply – as long as it isn’t defamatory).

If condition (1) above was respected, Owl would love to do without anonymity.

Remember, JK Rowling wanted to be anonymous with her Strike books … and the great tradition of lampoonery and Private Eye couldn’t exist without it.

Oh, and Owl will not respond to any more … are you? … you are … emails.

If anyone is averse to the blog being anonymous, please feel free not to read it.

2 thoughts on “Why is Owl anonymous?

  1. I understand entirely why you would wish to remain anonymous, and you have my (pennyworth) full support. We want to be valued/judged for what we post or say, not for our gender, age, or how we look, or for what someone can find out about us. There are so many who are abusive (for many different reasons), and anonymity protects our families also. Keep up the good work – you often post things I had not noticed or read and I value your observations.


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