“‘If you try to be everyone’s cup of tea you might as well be a mug’ “

A different kind of local politician, now an MEP, Magid Magid, Green forner mayor of Sheffield, has a refreshing view on not being controlled by council officers! If only other councillors could follow his lead!

“… Magid studied aquatic zoology, ran a digital marketing business and worked for the homelessness charity Shelter before getting involved in politics, motivated by the rise of Ukip in the 2014 European elections.

Within four years, he was being sworn in as lord mayor of Sheffield to the tune of the Imperial March from Star Wars and the Superman theme tune, as the Sheffield Star reported. He later made headlines by stating he would ban “wasteman” Donald Trump from the city – a measure not within his powers.

His one-year tenure was not uncontroversial and he chafed at what he describes as the local council’s attempts to control his diary and messaging. “They wanted to control every aspect of everything especially when they realised the amount of engagement and traction I was getting.”

The new MEP does not resile from “unapologetically being myself”, saying: “if you are trying to be everyone’s cup of tea you might as well be a mug”.