“Ministers pledge to end ‘poor doors’ in new build housing”

Owl says: What they won’t donis stop developers from siting (the very little) affordable housing in “ghetto blocks” on the worst parts of their developments (by main roads, poor views, etc) when the housing is supposed to be “mixed” so that doesn’t happen. Why? Because planners don’t check it is happening – turning blind eyes.

“Ministers have pledged to put an end to the use of so-called “poor doors” in housing developments in England.

The separate entrances for social housing tenants living in new builds “stigmatise” and divide them from private residents, the government said.
Communities Secretary James Brokenshire said he had been “appalled” by the examples of segregation he had seen.

Under the new measures, planning guidance is to be toughened in a bid to create more inclusive developments. …”