Swire’s old job opens up as current occupant resigns rather than work with Johnson

No such qualms for Old Etonian Swire, one assumes, working with yet another Old Etonian boss, and Old Etonian Cameron having appointed him and knighted him. Swire did support unsuccessful candidate Raab, who has since sucked up to Johnson – but he’s not an Old Etonian!

“Sir Alan Duncan, the Foreign Office minister, has resigned today because he is not willing to serve under Boris Johnson, the Times’ Steven Swinford reports. Number 10 has confirmed that Duncan has indeed gone.

That is not especially surprising. Duncan has been fiercely critical of Johnson in public, including recently accusing Johnson of “contemptible negligence” for his failure to back Sir Kim Darroch, at the time the US ambassador to Washington, in the face of attacks from President Trump. If Duncan was not resigning, he would almost certainly be sacked later this week.

But what is unusual is the way Duncan, along with the cabinet ministers Philip Hammond and David Gauke, have decided to resign pre-emptively rather than let Johnson dismiss them. This is unusual, and illustrates quite how strong the opposition to Johnson is in some parts of the parliamentary Conservative party. …”