“Johnson’s NHS cash ‘money trusts already have’ “

“Much of the £1.8bn for NHS infrastructure announced by Boris Johnson is money providers already have, health experts have said.

On Sunday the government announced the cash injection, which consists of £1bn in capital spending for infrastructure projects and around £850m to upgrade existing outdated facilities and equipment.

The £850m will be available for 20 hospitals in England over a five-year period while the £1bn will be used to tackle a backlog of maintenance issues this year.

Although the government has repeatedly claimed this was ‘new’ money, health experts have said it was mainly giving trusts permission to spend cash they already have.

Dr Eleanor Roy, health and social care policy manager at CIPFA, said: “It should be noted that more than half of this ‘boost’ to the NHS represents cash that many NHS providers already have.”

The prime minister’s announcement “merely raises the capital Departmental Expenditure Limit (DEL) threshold for the health services overall”, she said. …”