Thought for the day

“… In twenty years’ time, I dream all East Devon’s towns will be sustainable in their own right, offering jobs and careers across the district that, as schoolchildren, we did not dare to imagine possible.

I firmly believe we can do 

If we talk, listen and think together, we can start a very exciting journey, creating a better life for future generations. …”

Hhhmmmmm ……

One thought on “Thought for the day

  1. Fine ideas! Please may we have some public transport? – like buses that go to Exeter, or other towns, particularly to the hospital. Also closing hospital beds made increased commuting a necessity.
    The climate change issue is not helped by up to a dozen school buses idling their engines for lengthy periods in our village and children being ‘bussed’ all around the countryside to get to school. Nor does it help health issues.
    A bit of common sense needs to be applied first!


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