DevonLive or DevonUndead? Thank heaven for blogs!

There was a pro-EU demonstration in Exeter yesterday. Exeter’s MP spoke, Lib Dem MEP Caroline Voaden spoke, independent DCC Councillor Martin Shaw spoke as did, preumably others.

Was it a big turn out? Don’t know.
Were there many other speakers? Don’t know
Was it peaceful? Don’t know

Our local newspaper (website DevonLive) has no mention of it today. Owl found out information only by reading Councillor Shaw’s blog and the Devon for Europe Facebook page.

My plea at today’s Exeter protest against Johnson’s vandalism – where the Tories can be defeated (especially Exeter, Totnes, East Devon), we will need a single opposing candidate to make sure we win

It seems local news websites such as DevonLive have more advertising and more “filler” (stuff sent in from local social and voluntary groups) and less REAL news.

Thank heaven for other social media – including blogs!