Claire Wright asks for funds for parliamentary campaign

Message to supporters:

Dear Supporter
Once again I am preparing for an election – my third in four years – and this time the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been!
I’ve spent the last year preparing for a general election with my fantastic team, on the assumption there would be one caused by a likely Brexit impasse at some point. It now looks as though there will almost certainly be an election some time between November and the end of January.
I have been dismayed but unsurprised, by the government’s delaying and disingenuous approach under Theresa May’s leadership and appalled at Boris Johnson’s wrecking ball tactics.
I’m baffled as to how thinks he won’t break the law but will leave the EU on the 31 October, when there is now a law delaying our exit from the EU until 31 January!
And things are almost as turbulent here for me as they are in parliament!
You may be aware that on Thursday (12 September), Sir Hugo Swire announced he would be standing down at the next election, prompting speculation that he was worried that I would win.
This has got the media quite excited. And of course me and my team too!
Patrick Maguire, the political correspondent of the New Statesman tweeted in response to Sir Hugo’s announcement: “This is fascinating. Apart from North Down, East Devon is just about the only seat in the UK that could plausibly be won by an independent (in this case, anti-austerity councillor Claire Wright) at the next GE.”
On Monday (16 September), Ladbrokes bookmakers, commenting on polls predicting another hung parliament, tweeted: “Looks like @Jzadrozny and @clairewrightind will get to choose who the next prime minister is.”
This prompted this article from Devon Live, which made me laugh out loud… but it could be true!?
I’ve had dozens of offers of help and people wishing me luck. The anticipation is building and give or take a few tweaks, I stand ready to take my seat in parliament.
I attend meetings in Westminster with the Local Government Association quite regularly, which involves me walking past the Houses of Parliament. I never fail to experience the pull of wanting to be inside and fighting for the people of East Devon.
This time it seems the signs are right and everything is in place for a victory.  Third time lucky perhaps!
As you can imagine, the Conservatives will have a large reservoir of cash to use for the election and we always spend a fraction of what they spend.
You are receiving this letter as a supporter and/or volunteer who has helped me previously which I’m extremely grateful for. Requests for funding aren’t made lightly but as an Independent candidate I don’t have the financial backing of either trade unions or businesses to win this election hence this email.
The following gives an idea of what your funding will provide:
500 A4 Election Boards for gardens – £1,000
Printing of election manifesto £750
100 rosettes – £250
Any donations will help the possibility that I can win this vital election £10 £25 £50, or whatever you feel you can offer.

Finally, any sharing of my posts on social media (@ClaireWrightInd on Twitter and Claire Wright Independent Parliamentary Candidate for East Devon on Facebook) that you can do would be brilliant as this all has a huge impact on my profile  – and once I publish my manifesto, the likelihood of me getting elected.
With huge thanks and appreciation for your support.
Kindest regards


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