“More than 9 million eligible UK voters ‘not correctly registered’ “

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“More than 9 million people who are eligible to vote in the UK are not correctly registered and are at risk of not being able to have their say in a potential snap election, according to research.

The finding sparked renewed calls for Britain to follow Canada and Finland, among other countries, who automatically register voters. One potential model would enable people to opt in when they engage with government bodies such as the DVLA, NHS and welfare agencies.

Research by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) analysed electoral registers and found that 17% of eligible voters in Great Britain, as many as 9.4 million people, were either missing from the electoral register or not registered at their current address, with major errors affecting up to 5.6 million people.

It highlighted stark differences in registration levels between younger people, renters, low-income and black and ethnic minority people, compared with older white people who own their homes.

The study also showed that the number of people not correctly registered had risen from 16% of eligible voters in 2015, representing as many as 8.3 million people. …”