DCC Tories block discussion of fire station closures

From the blog of DCC East Devon Alliance councillor Martin Shaw:

“Yesterday I tried to propose a motion to Devon County Council to halt the fire station closures. The grainy photo (on his blog) taken from the webcast shows the Conservatives voting as a block to stop it even being discussed. They wanted to refer my motion to the Cabinet who would amend it and bring it back to the Council in December. By then, the Fire Authority – chaired by Colyton’s former county councillor, Sarah Randall-Johnson – will have decided on its proposals at a meeting on 8th November.

Following this disgraceful episode, there can be little doubt that Tory councillors on the fire authority are preparing to vote through the fire station closures. Local people need to increase pressure on all the individual members of the Authority, change their minds. …”

This is the moment the Conservatives voted to stop Devon County Council even discussing fire station closures – you have been warned, they are preparing to vote them through at the Fire Authority

2 thoughts on “DCC Tories block discussion of fire station closures

  1. Yes, that was my first thought too, the same as the community hospitals; the same contempt for the residents who they are supposed to represent. The same DCC councillor who has no regard for the residents of East Devon. No democracy – they do not even know what democracy is.
    Vote for them? never, never, never.


  2. This is following the same pattern as the closure of community hospitals.
    It is an absolute disgrace. Democracy denied, yet again.


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