Planning: is the tail wagging the dog at EDDC?

From a correspondent:

“I had thought that the people of East Devon had voted for an Independent Council. So this correspondent finds it perplexing that it is the conservative Philip Skinner who is extolling the virtues of “the potential for strategic scale development in the North West Quadrant area of East Devon was identified and a network of linked villages, referred to as Clyst Villages” and “this is a really exciting project and I hope people grasp it with the enthusiasm that I have so we get the good things for the area that we live in.”

Are the “independent” chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee and Portfolio Holder of Strategic Development, Susie Bond, the great “independent” leader, Ben Ingham, and the “independent” Portfolio Holder for the Environment  whose Woodbury ward will be part of the exciting network of the linked villages, Geoff Jung,  in full agreement?

Does the cabinet have too much power? Why is “tory” Philip Skinner the spokesman for development in our district?

Is the old tail wagging the new dog?”