Tory”attack lines” document leaked

“The 22-page briefing document is likely to embarrass Conservative HQ as it exposes the party’s strategy for the 12 December poll. …”

A few pages – note fake news like “we are not privatising the NHS … continuing to [de]fund publuc services … the prime Minister’s “Great New Deal” (shades of Trump there and really pretty much May’s old deal – but worse!).

One thought on “Tory”attack lines” document leaked

  1. A few additional points worth noting:

    “We should not tolerate abuse online” – but no mention that Boris Johnson’s anti Muslim and anti-opposition (of any flavour) rhetoric has caused an immense amount of online abuse for ethnic minorities and anyone who disagrees with BJ. IMO opinion you cannot be tough on online abuse without being equally tough on the causes of online abuse.

    “We are not privatising the NHS … we fully support the NHS being free at the point of use for everyone in the country.” OK – well leaving aside the outright blatant lie that it covers everyone in the country when we know that the Tories want to charge anyone who is visiting the country but not officially resident – being free at the point of use says absolutely nothing about whether the services have been privatised or not. The reality which can be researched online is that a vast swathe of NHS services have already been privatised. This statement is simply a lie from start to finish.

    “Under the Conservatives we have seen a growing economy” – In reality under the Conservatives we have had a Brexit referendum which has done untold damage to our economy already and will do huge damage in the future whether we leave on BJ’s deal (which BTW is neither great nor new) or worse still with a no-deal. If you search online you can find a swathe of reports from well respected government and private sources which state bluntly what damage it has already done and what damage will be done in the future if we leave the EU.

    “That is why we continue to back business with lower taxes” – This is an assumption (that lower taxes supports business) which has been thoroughly debunked – search for Trickle-Down Economics. The reality is that lower taxes for businesses are great for the Tory Party donors and senior members who benefit massively from such tax reductions, but is very bad news indeed for the bottom 25% of our population who suffer cuts in benefits (resulting in food bank usage, homelessness etc.) in order to fund these tax cuts. Remember the purpose of austerity was to pay off the public sector debt, but having made swinging cuts to almost all public services to save money, they gave it all away in tax cuts for the already obscenely rich, resulting in the national debt doubling rather than being paid off.

    “This will mean we can continue to create more higher paying jobs” – There is no evidence that they have created more higher paying jobs in the past – indeed, austerity combined with the rise of zero hours contracts and the gig-economy has actually caused a massive drop in the real-value of earnings since they came to power in 2010. In other words, don’t be fooled into the aspiration that you might suddenly get a massively better paying job if you vote Conservative, because the reality is that the free-market deregulation that is driving their Brexit dogma is much more likely to drive down wages than give you a big pay increase.

    Unemployment – again, don’t be fooled by Conservative Party statistics showing that they have lowered unemployment – they have largely achieved this by cutting benefits for the unemployed and then counting only those on benefits in the unemployment statistics. Again, search for this on Google if you want the details.

    It used to be a joke: “Q: How can you tell when a Tory politician is lying? A: Their lips are moving.” These days it is no longer a joke, just the honest truth, particularly when you consider Boris Johnson who has no concept that the truth matters and who lies frequently whenever it suits his message. In this respect, BJ is JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP.


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