Tax cuts

Just remember every tax cut costs. It costs public services (health, education, police, social services, young people’s services, environmental schemes).

They benefit the rich and make the poor poorer – the little bit you gain will be offset (and more) by what you and your family will lose. Indirect taxes (VAT, excise duty, fuel duty) are where the gain may be outstripped by bigger losses.

Tax cuts sound good but think twice before voting for them.

East Devon a benefits hot-spot?

Sunday Times article on new unemployment areas – high street decline, business rate penalties, jobs moving abroad and reduced demand for labour due to automation are some reasons given. Owl would like to see the breakdown per town – oldies in some towns, unemployed youngsters in others …

Pre-election gift horses – beware

Does anyone else find it distasteful to say the least that the party that shafted the poor, brought the NHS to its (broken) knees and took 20,000 police officers off the street now says it will increase benefits, is funnelling short-term money into the NHS before a pre-election crises and promises to return SOME of those police officers to the streets is the one that caused all these problems in the first place?