Retiring MPs like Swire getting golden goodbyes

Poor Mrs Swire is being made redundant from her “research assistant” job in her husband’s office from which she has claimed a salary of £30,000 per year for many years. Doubt we will be seeing her at her local Job Centre.

” … The MPs’ expenses body has had to request an emergency £30million to cover payouts and winding-up costs for MPs leaving Parliament.

IPSA would have needed the money at the next election but it wasn’t budgeted for this year.

It will cover loss of office payments for any MPs who stand but lose their seat – equal to double the normal redundancy payment.

It’ll also cover a winding-up payment worth two months of salary for MPs closing their office.

And it’ll cover a winding up budget worth more than £50,000 per MP to go towards office expenses and staff. …”