Swire insults Claire Wright, tries to sabotage her vote and says good riddance to East Devon

Hugo Swire where he belongs

Hugo Swire where he belongs

If you want to read the article, find it yourself.

Owl will just offer a few quotes (with Owl comments) from it so you can see that Swire is sucking sour, sour grapes and is so happy to be quitting East Devon – where, in the last few years, he hasn’t even lived:

“Voting for an independent would not achieve anything.

(he then goes on to suggest splitting Claire Wright’s vote between other parties to ensure she is not successful).

“Crucially, when Parliament is more important than ever, we do need people of quality.”

(Indeed, Hugo, pity we have had to wait so long for you to stand down to get within spitting distance of this).

“I will not interfere in the politics of East Devon because that would be unfair on the next MP but I will return to see friends and colleagues.”

(Well, to be fair you only came to East Devon to shake hands, schmooze and see friends so nothing changes there).

“It’s been a huge chunk of my life but, at the end of the day, I only did it because residents continued to return me.”

(Yep, he only did it so he could swan around the Middle East on the back of our votes).

Goodbye and good riddance. We await with bated breath the announcement of your replacement …

2 thoughts on “Swire insults Claire Wright, tries to sabotage her vote and says good riddance to East Devon

  1. As far as I know, Hugo Swire NEVER lived in East Devon – and indeed referred to coming to East Devon as “visiting” (whereas of course for Claire Wright it is definitely “home”). Certainly for the past many years he has had a 2nd (or 3rd) home in Mid-Devon.

    However on one thing Hugo is definitely correct – East Devon does need an MP “of quality” – rather than the utter excuse for a human that it has had for the past decade and more. And Claire Wright – who I have known personally for several years – definitely is a “quality person” and IMO you could not find anyone more suitable to be the MP for East Devon.

    Voting for Independent candidate Claire Wright would achieve a lot – it would elect someone with ethics, morals and a conscience to represent the constituents of East Devon (and boy will that be a change from Hugo), someone who will always fight for the needs of her constituents and who will do and vote for the right thing (rather than simply be a brown-nosing yes-man and vote as told to by the Party whips). My advice is that you need to do everything you can to prevent another Conservative MP from being elected, and the best chance to avoid that is to vote for the candidate who came second in the last two elections – Claire Wright. (In most other constituencies you should vote Labour – because a vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for the party who worked hand in glove with the Conservatives in coalition to deliver their nasty policies 0 and they cannot be trusted under any circumstances.)

    Finally let me point out the contradiction – and absolute hypocrisy – between the comments he has made in this article and his statement that he isn’t going to interfere in East Devon’s politics. If such comments are not interfering, then what is their purpose? But that is Hugo for you – someone who thinks you are two stupid to see this contradiction and recognise his hypocrisy – indeed someone who is an MP for an entire political party which thinks the same.


  2. Disagree with you headline picture comment – no, Swires does not belong there (old person’s home?) – do you really want to impose him on otherwise ordinary decent people? Their only problem surely is becoming elderly and perhaps a bit frail, and they don’t deserve to have to live with such an arrogant SOB as him!


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