Swire – whinging, still obsessing about Claire Wright and says he would not want to wait to 65 to retire!

Well, what a whinger! He could give Victor Meldrew a run for his money! Or maybe Albert Steptoe!

Hates Claire Wright (but too frit to stand against her).

Disses the Sidmouth Beach Plan (put together by his party at EDDC).

Thinks 65 is too late to retire (does he realise we plebs have no option but to go on to 66?).

Hates Cranbrook and puts the blame for it on previous head planner Kate Little (again under EDDC Tory council control and controlled by Leader Diviani).

Says it’s a pity he couldn’t spend more time in East Devon because he had to travel so much when a bag-carrier and arms salesman for the Foreign Office (after which he immediately carried on travelling as Chairman of the Conservative Middle East Council).

THEN when asked what he is most proud of he says Budleigh Health Hub (a privately-ownec business which replaced a community hospital) and getting the Health Secretary to say Ottery Hospital (again having lost beds) is “safe” when, if you read the letter, it patently isn’t) and continues:

“I think my proudest achievement must therefore be to have looked after them as well as I can. We’ve helped on other things too, the difference between being a placard waving campaigner and an a member of Parliament, a legislator, is very simple you can’t crow about everything you have achieved as an MP because a lot of what you do is confidential. It involves other people’s extraordinary, complicated, messy and difficult lives.”

In other words – he can’t think of anything else!

A pathetic end to a pathetic career.