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  1. I couldn’t disagree more.

    We haven’t got an NHS problem, we have a Tory problem – the Tories are privatising our NHS services and starving it of money.

    We haven’t got a housing problem – we have a Tory problem – the Tories have completely screwed the housing system in this country with Maggie Thatcher’s Right to Buy – a scheme which not only decimated our social housing stock but IMO also was the cause of massive house price inflation which has taken housing out of people’s reaches.

    Yes – we need to match NHS size and housing availability to the population, but the reason they haven;t been matched is NOT the population itself – it is the Tories sticking to their Liberal Economic dogmas which have demonstrably not worked for the majority of the UK population – even if they work for the ultra-rich Tory party donors and rich Tory bigwigs – and they have been playing politics with, and selling off, our vital infrastructure to foreign owners for decades.

    The solution is therefore a very simple one – replace the Tories with a government that puts people first. And that means a political party that is noticeably different – which rules out the Brexit Party, and the Lib Dems, and leaves Labour possibly in conjunction with the Greens.



    • Thank you Paul.

      Without getting into a prolonged conversation about this, perhaps I could just point out that according to “The Lancet” 6.5 million migrants registered with UK GPs in the last 10 yrs. Might that explain something of the NHS crisis?

      I’m no defender of the tories, by the way; they are an appalling crew with an overdeveloped sense of entitlement, but the socialists, the illiberals and the melon greens have their own – equally deleterious – plans for us all. If the Monster Raving Loony Party had a candidate standing in East Devon I feel that to vote for them would be almost the logical thing to do in today’s fevered political atmosphere!


    • Tories have run the country for 9 yearso f austerity, 3 of which have been post the Brexit referendum – were they unable to work out that, in that case, the NHS would need more funding? And might that have been diverted from some of their wilder schemes or from tax avoiding megacompanies?

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    • Genuine facts show that immigrants contribute their share of tax revenues and therefore provide the funding for additional NHS services for themselves.

      The fact that the NHS has NOT been given this money to provide the services necessary is entirely the fault of the Conservative Government. There is no other possibility for blame whatsoever – this cannot possibly be the fault of “the socialists, the illiberals and the melon greens” and to think otherwise is utterly delusional.

      Caractacus – Before you vote in this election, I suggest that you should think VERY carefully about who you are going to vote for. If you want to keep the Tories out of power and out of the East Devon seat, then you need to vote tactically for whoever can beat the Tories – don’t vote for Monster Raving Loonie party (or indeed anyone other than Claire Wright) otherwise your vote will be a wasted one.

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    • Thanks again Paul, I had already – reluctantly – reached that conclusion! It could reasonably be argued that the MRLP are already standing in East Devon under the name of the conservatives 🙂


  2. We haven’t got an NHS problem, we have a population problem. We haven’t got a housing problem, we have a population problem. No, I am not a closet racist – I welcome people wherever they come from – but unless and until the country’s infrastructure is upgraded to cope with the increased population these problems – and crises – will continue no matter whether it’s the tories, the socialists, the illiberals or the Ottery St. Mary Presbyterian Society for Fallen Women who are in office.


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