No-one cares about social care: 74,000 over 65s have died while waiting for social care since last election

Covert euthanasia?

“A charity has blasted the government for the time it has “wasted” on drawing up a social care paper that still has not materialised.

Age UK called on the next government to spend £8bn over the next two years to prevent further decline in the adult social care sector.

The charity pointed out since the 2017 election 74,000 over-65s in England have died while waiting for the care they asked for, equating to a rate of 81 deaths per day, in analysis released yesterday.

Caroline Abrahams, director at Age UK, said the political system has “completely failed” to reform social care, despite it featuring heavily in the 2017 election campaign.

She said the last third months waiting for the promised social care green paper, which has now been delayed six times had been “effectively wasted ..waiting for the social care green paper that never was”.

“Social care is not some kind of nice-to-have optional extra, it’s a fundamental service on which millions of older and disabled people depend every day,” Abrahams said.

“Good care provided by kind and committed people, enriches lives and makes it possible to have dignity and hope. The reverse is also true: if you need care and you can’t get it then there are very serious implications for your health and your wellbeing – as the NHS knows all too well.”

Age UK estimates that between the 2017 and 2019 elections 1,725,000 unsuccessful requests have been – or will be made – by older people for care.

“It is appalling that one and a half million older people in our country now have some unmet need for care, one in seven of the entire older population. This is a shameful statistic, and older people are developing new unmet needs for care every day.”
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