Tory National Insurance promise has very nasty sting in its tail for low paid

“… There are, though, tax cuts in the form of a rise in the threshold for national insurance contributions (NICs) from £8,632 to £9,500. This will equate to a saving of around £100 a year for 31 million workers who earn above that amount.

Longer term, the Conservative Party describes rising the NICs threshold to £12,500 as its “ultimate ambition”. This would result in a tax cut of £500 for workers who earn more than £12,500.

There may be unintended consequences for some, points out Steven Cameron, pensions director at Aegon. He notes: “This will be welcomed by many as a boost to take-home pay.

However, under current rules, those not paying any NI lose out on credits towards their state pension. Individuals need 35 years of qualifying NICs to receive the full state pension with those with fewer qualifying years seeing a reduction and receive none if they have fewer than 10 years of credits.”