Are no local Tories up to the job of MP? And who IS Simon James/Jupp?

Current headline:

“Boris Johnson left speechless when asked why no Tory candidates in Sunderland are from the local area’ “

Which begs the question:

Why was a London-based political adviser to Dominic Raab parachuted into East Devon a month before the general election?

And who is he really?

Simon Jupp, East Devon Tory candidate

or Simon James?

Why would anyone want or need 2 profiles with 2 names?

2 thoughts on “Are no local Tories up to the job of MP? And who IS Simon James/Jupp?

  1. Apparently Tory HQ are not too fussed about the members of their party in East Devon who might have hoped for a candidate to inspire them to electoral effort. East Devon has been tipped for Claire Wright for quite a while, even before Hugo Swire stood down. It look very much as if no Tory who had genuine ambitions to become an MP was keen to get involved here, with the prospect of a thrashing imminent. The Get Brexit Done message is pressed on the electorate to avoid scrutiny of local affairs, which inevitable include personal experiences of hospitals (fewer of and slower response), GPs (fewer of and slower response), social care (lack of), potholes (abundance of), schools (deterioration of), food banks (growth in) and so on.

    Local Tories may feel (and some of them do feel, I’m reliably informed), that they have been let down and overlooked by their party. I think they have. The remedy is obvious – no need even to defect to another party – just vote for a better candidate with better policies to improve local services which everyone relies on. Is it not just plain common sense to vote for Claire Wright?


  2. It is the same in Neil Parish’s end of east Devon. I e mailed him with questions regarding social care and questions that the Alzheimers Society wanted people to ask of their prospective candidates. I had no reply so wrote again and guess what? still no reply, he evidently thinks he will have a large enough majority without worrying about answering boring questions from the electorate.
    I also e mailed another opposing candidate regarding local public transport ( or lack of it) I had two good replies from this candidate, and I think they will make a much better MP who will properly represent us. Guess who I shall not be voting for?


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