“Tory candidate says cancer patients do not ‘really care’ about waiting longer for treatment because survival rates are going up”

Of course, if Mr Philip is ever unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer, he will be happy to wait for treatment, won’t he!

Scraping the barrel …

“Cancer patients “do not “really care” about longer waiting times for treatment because survival rates are on the rise, a Conservative candidate has claimed.

Chris Philp provoked gasps of astonishment when he also claimed that missed waiting targets – the figures are the worst on record – are because of the success in persuading people to come forward.

“The reason why waiting times for diagnosis are going up is because we are encouraging more people to get themselves screened, which is actually a good thing,” said the aide to the justice secretary.

He then added: “The outcomes, cancer survival rates, which is what people really care about – am I going to survive this terrible illness – they’re going up.”

Mr Philp also claimed the Conservatives were able to promise billions more for the NHS because “the economy is strong” – on the day it was revealed there was no economic growth for three months in a row. …”


One thought on ““Tory candidate says cancer patients do not ‘really care’ about waiting longer for treatment because survival rates are going up”

  1. Typical Tory – entirely lacking in any compassion, humanity or empathy.

    My experience with several members of my family getting cancer over the years – and my own few minor cancer scares for lumps that turned out to be not cancer – is that worries about Cancer simply dominates your thinking from the time you wake up to the time you get to sleep (assuming that is that you can actually get to sleep with the worry that you are about to DIE).

    So to suggest that a cancer patient doesn’t worry about treatment because success rates are higher:

    a. Lacks ANY understanding of how cancer sufferers actually feel – instead making up an opinion based on what he would really like reality to be rather than how it actually is – in other words, typical Tory, entirely self-centred, boorish, compassionless, and simly willing to make up any lies if it helps them get re-elected;.

    b. Lacks ANY understanding of cancer treatment guideines – which is that rapid treatment is essential as ANY delays simply allow time for it to get hold, make it far, far more difficult to treat, and make it more likely that treatment will NOT be successful and that the patient will DIE.

    Mr Philp, cancer is a LIFE OR DEATH issue, not one which you should be lying about to score political points. SHAME ON YOU and the rest of your #NastyParty colleagues.


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