From a correspondent:

Some voters may still be reluctant to vote for an independent. However, Claire Wright has done more than anyone for the Devon East constituency, at town, district and county level, fighting the serious consequences of the Conservatives’ callous austerity policy. Independents can have significant influence in Parliament, as Martin Bell, who is supporting Claire, has noted. She is the only genuine challenger for a seat held by the Conservatives for 150 years.

Claire knows the area and understands the problems because she has taken the trouble, over the years, to ask people.

Now the Tories say that they will reverse some of the cuts that they imposed.

Do we believe them?
Can we believe them?

The region cannot afford another dose of Conservatism that treats the South West with contempt: Devon East must have a knowledgeable and caring MP who has lived in the constituency for many years and who has fought hospital closures and who has done so much to try to save social services.

Please, please, Liberal Democrats, Labour and Greens lend your vote to Claire on this occasion unless you want Johnson and his right-wingers to inflict more hardship on those least able to bear the burden. Claire will not let you down and, for a change, you will have an active MP who will work for all of us and ensure that this constituency’s problems are heard in Parliament.