Vote, vote vote

REMEMBER – a vote for ANY other candidate ib East Devon is a gifted vote to the Conservatives.

CLAIRE WRIGHT – a warrior for everyone in East Devon protecting the NHS, the environment, education, young and old, rich or poor. Cut her political teeth in the scandal-strewn Tory EDDC and forced them to bring the scandals into the light. Stands for a fair confirmatory vote on Brexit.

WHY not others?

Jupp – Swire clone, Dominic Raab protege, parachuted in one month ago because there was no suitable Tory in East Devon – frit like Boris Johnson, too scared to attend all hustings, surrounded by minders, unavailable to anyone who wasn’t carefully chosen for photo opportunities! Was a remainer, now conveniently a Brexiter.

Rylance: vote Rylance, have no choice about Brexit because her yellow Tory Boss will cancel Article 50. The same boss who voted enthusiastically with Tories in coalition – voted & times for bedroom tax, for the Health and Social Care Act 2012 that accelerated privatisation of the NHS and for unsupervised funding to greedy academy schools.

The others: no chance in East Devon, ever.

One thought on “Vote, vote vote

  1. Can’t understand you people, you live in a little bubble – this is a time to vote for a government not on a single issue. Good Lord I have been away from Devon for 20 years what has gone wrong down there? It is border line illegal to electioneer on election day I hope someone investigates some of these posts. Good luck anyway in your vendetta! Jim. The ‘big picture is’ a hung parliament would lead to a possible Corbyn government and a pact with the SNP. This would probably lead to the break up of the union, we would have 2 referendums next year, country would be bankrupt under labour there will be no money left for the green deal, and the NHS. We would never have any change in our relationship with the EU the status quo would be returned years of stress and money wasted, democracy thwarted. Utter despair. You don’t live in a bubble think about the rest of the country.


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