Owl says Goodbye …

So, the results are in.

East Devon and the country stay blue.

5 years of a wet-behind-the-ears and dim Swire clone for East Devon Jupp (or James, still not sure!)
5 years of a lying, narcissistic Trump clone for England.
5 years of a schismatic (dis)United Kingdom.

Owl has had enough*

East Devon has the representation it deserves:

A crap TiggerTory council

A crap new MP

A crap government

Thanks to Lib Dems and Greens who ensured a Tory victory
(thanks Rylance and Gent – though developer Gent really won’t mind much as he will still be a big winner developer-wise)

So, THEY at least will be pleased to hear that Owl has thrown in the towel and is flying off to pastures new.

Enjoy the next 5 years – Owl hopes you get what you deserve.

It was a pleasure to serve you – until this week!

Goodbye, au revoir, sayonara, adios, Auf Wiedersehen, Arrivederci …. I’m off …. RIGHT NOW.

* The blog will remain open as an archive until 31 December 2019 and will then be deleted


6 thoughts on “Owl says Goodbye …

  1. Dear Owl,

    Please don’t leave us. Find a barn somewhere not too far off, and settle down for a rest. Then perhaps you can return to the hunt. Our natural environment will be impoverished without you.


  2. Thanks for all your efforts Owl, even allowing for information overload at times. I disagree though with your comments that we have the representation we deserve, and that the no hopers standing were to blame. The representation we deserve at district council level is exactly what we voted in, but unfortunately they allowed themselves to be split. This has obviously led to significant weakness in the administration, exploited by some of the less bright tories on social media, and with those officers whose past conduct should have been investigated effectively calling the shots. Any situation which led to the Independents being seen as divided or ineffective, or even worse no different to their predecessors was bound to undermine Claire’s chances, and so it has come to pass. The size of the majority is greater than the total of the spoiling candidates so the only way the LibDem and Green decision is relevant is if we assume Claire lost potential votes due to the district council shenanigans. There is no way I could ever vote for a LibDem again after the Clegg led betrayal, which led to an excellent candidate here who had not been well supported by the party being among those who left it. Compounding these past actions by claiming Claire was “not remain enough”, as well as by the bullying of their candidates prepared to stand aside to the greater good means that I celebrated just as enthusiastically as Nicola Sturgeon when I learned that the bullying squirrel murderer had been consigned to oblivion and Rosie Duffield held. Overall though Owl is very wise to consider he has done enough and move on. I will continue to support Claire should she decide to stand again but sadly I predict that the short false dawn in May was the peak of the local Independent achievement. As I told Ben Ingham in late May I can see no reason to continue to vote in local elections. Too many betrayals so why engage.


    • You *do* realise the squirrel rubbish was made-up nonsense, don’t you? I suggest a little googling before spreading misinformation.


  3. Simon Jupp polled 50.8%. Even if *every* non-tory vote in the constituency had gone to you, he would still have won. Please stop misrepresenting the results to the electorate. Also, no mention of Labour or Faithfull in your list?


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