Village clerk’s salary to rise to £52,869 – Broadclyst

At a meeting of the Broadclyst Parish Council’s staffing committee councillors (Pepper Chamberlain, Jackson, Rylance and Staddon) agreed to raise the pay grade of the clerk to SCP49 which is equivalent to £52,869 per year. (Minutes and nation pay scales)

Village clerk’s salary to rise to £52,869

This £1,440 raise brings the total increase in the clerk’s salary to £16,298 since 2015 and does not include pension contributions or training budgets.

By comparison the average wage in East Devon is just over £26,000 per year and most workers in Devon have seen their real term wages reduced.

A Freedom of Information request, asking who undertook the clerks salary grading and what qualification they have has gone unanswered by the Parish Council. Why won’t the council tell us and who recommended such a high grade and what qualification they have?

Using the information published by the parish council on its website [here] and through Freedom of Information requests [here] we have been able to establish the facts about pay.

Other staff will receive just the National Minimum Wage increase of 30p per hour meaning the gap between the highest and lowest paid staff continues to increase, with the maintenance and cleaning staff earning just above the minimum wage.

How can a Parish clerk be paid so much when other members of staff are paid so poorly? Looking at all the budgets for rural parishes across the South West I cannot find a single example of a parish clerk being paid more than £35,000 and the average is much less at around £25,000.

The question that remains unanswered is why is this such an expensive parish? We have the 4th highest rural parish precept in Britain which is funded by ordinary working families.
Let’s have fair play in Broadclyst with a parish precept that is substantially reduced.