With more rain forecast, County Leader, John Hart, says you are on your own!

On last night’s BBC Spotlight, Adrian Campell reported from the river Clyst on the increased risk of flooding due to climate change. This follows a number of serious flooding problems in the last week especially on the river Yealm. He reports that our drains can’t cope with today’s more intense rainfall. The river Clyst is to get a quarter of a million pound investment to alleviate long standing problems. [Preparing the way for more development – Owl?]

More intense rainfall because of climate change means that new methods are needed to manage flood defences and storm drains.The County Council Lib Dems have called for millions more to be spent on improved drainage. Council Leader, John Hart’s solution, however, is to encourage a modern day dad’s army of individuals, villages and Parish Councils, where they care, to do more for themselves. Self-help, he said, is going to be the order of the day.