Where are the fastest growing large towns and cities in England?


Exeter, according to a study conducted by the BBC, is one of the top ten fastest growing cities and large towns in England 2011 to 2019.


The UK is experiencing what many describe as a housing crisis. Millions of households are living in sub-standard or overcrowded conditions. Many are on local council waiting lists. Some individuals are sleeping rough. House prices and rentals are becoming unaffordable for many. Today’s young are living at home for longer, and some are struggling to buy a home. At the same time, we are building fewer homes than in many periods in the past. What can be done to resolve Britain’s housing crisis? BBC Briefing assesses the evidence and the options based on comprehensive analysis conducted by Paul Swinney and Anthony Breach of Center for Cities.


One thought on “Where are the fastest growing large towns and cities in England?

  1. Suggestions! Council housing stock is very low and getting lower because of the ‘Right to Buy” policy, and housing stock has not been replaced. So end that and start building more council houses for rent, for the lower paid people and charging realistic rents. If the councils are in control of the rents, then it should reduce the costs of benefits paid which ends up in the hands of landlords.

    Stop new builds being bought by second home owners – a particular problem in tourism areas, and pushes up prices. Always make 2nd/3rd home owners pay the full council tax -that sounds tough but is necessary I think when so many people do not even have one home to live in.

    Be tougher on the ‘big developers’ who make massive profits but build poor quality houses, and put little thought into the kind of housing needed or in the right places. Don’t let the Developers dictate.


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