Open Letter to Neil Parish MP

In response to one of Owl’s posts today, Owl has been given permission to post this open letter to Neil Parish, sent to the press (midweek letters) last Thursday 26 March 

Dear Editor,

We have not heard from our MP Neil Parish on the #comebacklater campaign. We are hearing reports of families with a positive diagnosis, whose children attend London schools, at large in our Devon village streets and shops. The problem is widespread and goes far beyond the high profile case in Broadhembury. Why did the government fail to prevent people moving to holiday destinations and second homes before the schools closed last week?

Residents are angry that holiday-makers are bringing infection to Devon, putting our vulnerable loved-ones at risk, and escalating the problem with food supplies.

 I urge Mr Parish to consider the problems created by a defunded NHS, under the additional strain of defunded social care, defunded rural transport and an older population. The government should have acted decisively, and should now act, to make sure Coronavirus holiday-makers and second homeowners stay away and come back later.


Liz Pole

Constituency Spokesperson, Tiverton and Honiton Labour Party