Waitrose praised for banning couples from shopping together

Waitrose has received praise for banning couples and families from doing their weekly shop together amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lucy MiddletonSunday 29 Mar 2020  metro.co.uk

The supermarket rolled out the new policy across its 338 UK stores this week, after bosses became concerned about groups gathering on the premises. Now only ‘one customer per household’ is allowed to go inside to buy their essentials.

Many shoppers have already taken to social media to share their experience, with most heaping praise on the shop assistants putting the measure into place.

One person tweeted: ‘Tremendous effort by Waitrose in Cheltenham today. As I waited outside after being told it was “one adult per household” the way the staff engaged and boosted the public morale was inspiring. Applause to the unsung heroes!’

Another added: ‘Congratulations on keeping everyone safe at Waitrose Wolverhampton. Marshalls in force ensuring only one member per household into store and the two metre distance is being adhered to in the queue.’

Waitrose is not the first supermarket to step-up their policies for customers, with Tesco recently introducing a strict one-in-one-out rule.

Shoppers hoping to get their groceries at Tesco and Sainsbury’s have to queue outside the front door, standing at least two metres away from any other customers. The distance is commonly marked by tape on the floor.

Other stores, including Lidl, Morrisons, Aldi, Iceland and Sainsbury’s, have also installed protective screens for staff as they serve customers.

Shoppers must keep at least two metres distance 

Most companies have ensured their workers have gloves and hand sanitiser when coming into contact with customers, while Waitrose have also given their staff protective visors to wear.

Plenty of stores have also agreed to keep hours reserved for NHS workers and the elderly and vulnerable, by asking other customers to refrain from shopping at those times.

However, some supermarkets have seen little change in shopping behaviours, with staff finding it difficult to enforce the restrictions.

The reserved shopping times for the UK’s leading supermarkets can be found here.