‘We lobbied to stem the flow’ – MP praises efforts to ward off holidaymakers

Some of our MP’s did and some of ours didn’t. Owl has heard nothing about Neil Parish ‘s  views on this issue. Certainly EDDC didn’t take the firm lead shown by North Devon and North Norfolk District Council. More interested in business than in people? – Owl

Stuart Anderson  www.edp24.co.uk

It is a relief to see people obeying government guidelines and staying at home, say North Norfolk’s MP Duncan Baker.

It follows new guidance issued late last week that cottages and rentals such as AirBnBs had to close to help slow the spread of the coronavirus, following similar rules set for hotels and other holiday venues a few days earlier.

Mr Baker told Radio Norfolk: “We lobbied really hard to get the caravan parks, the campsites, the holiday rentals and the B&Bs to no longer open to try to stem the flow to our area.

“In this constituency we have the oldest demographic in the country and it’s absolutely vital that we protect our most vulnerable right now.”

Data issued in March by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) showed that 24.3pc of North Norfolk residents are aged 70 and over – higher than anywhere else in the country – followed by Rother, 24pc; East Devon, 22.6pc; Tendring, 22.0pc; and New Forest, 21.7.

But not everyone seems to be sticking to the rules.

North Norfolk District Council leader Sarah Butikofer said she had heard reports of people still checking in to holiday cottages in Weybourne as late as Friday (March 27).

There are some exemptions to the rules, for example, key workers and non-UK residents who are unable to travel to their country of residence can continue to stay in hotels or similar accommodation where required.