Hugo’s honey pot seems to be buzzing

And now for something completely different – news of an old “friend”  – although he may have got the timing wrong this time.


Swire gets richer – along with one of his former backers:

And  the old boy network in action:

CEO Q&A with Michael Williams at The British Honey Company (NEX:BHC)

Q3: The company has an extremely strong Board, can you talk us through who is on the Board and how they became involved?

A3: I was looking for a Chairman to join us and a friend of mine put me in touch with Sir Hugo Swire, he was a Member of Parliament for East Devon and he joined me and we started to develop what I would call a substantial Board. Why would we do that? Our policy was going to be to grow this company quickly and the first thing is to have is a good Board of directors.