Cornwall’s poshest hotel is now recovery centre for hospital patients

“Step down” hospital, “Recovery” hospital – sounds like a substitute for the old fashioned cottage hospital to Owl.   

Richard Whitehouse

A patient staying at one of three hotels in Cornwall which have been designated as ‘step down’ hospitals cried tears of joy in appreciation for his carers.

The St Moritz Hotel near Rock has joined The Carnmarth Hotel in Newquay, Penventon Hotel in Redruth to be used as recuperation centres.

They are hosting patients who are recovering from operations or Covid-19 but are not strong enough to return home.

By taking them to the hotels the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust has been able to free up beds at Treliske.

Cornwall Council chief executive Kate Kennally said yesterday: “These are working really well with people staying at the hotels being very appreciative of the care and support they are receiving.

“One guest broke down in tears of joy. He stayed in a room overlooking Fistral Beach and the sun was setting over the sea. He broke down in tears and expressed his appreciation to the health and care he was receiving.”

Ms Kennally added that through this scheme and others being carried out between the council and health care providers “our partnership has never been so strong”.

In a statement it was confirmed that the St Moritz Hotel has been designated as a recuperation centre until mid June for patients from north Cornwall.

All three hotels are using specialist staff provided by Cornwall Council-owned company Corserv and the NHS in Cornwall.

St Moritz proprietor Hugh Ridgway said: “With the hotel closed and in abject frustration at being unable to do anything two weeks ago I got in touch with Scott Mann, MP, and offered St Moritz as an emergency facility for the NHS. The response was immediate. Numerous inspections later we are delighted to be open and receiving our first patients as a ‘step down hospital’.

“Operated by Cornwall Care we are already in awe of their staff – their dedication and professionalism is quite humbling.

“I hugely thank the St Moritz staff who have volunteered to help this enterprise with all the support services that are required – three meals a day, administration, housekeeping, maintenance etc. It is a great thing they are doing to help prosecute the war against this dreadful virus.