Questionnaire: How are things in Lock Down in Sidmouth?

Something to do in Sidmouth during lock down.

Q.1 Are you appreciating there being less traffic or can’t you wait to get back into your car? Owl wonders how many might be tempted to tick the box – “I like less traffic”. This is Regency Sidmouth after all.

Joseph Bulmer 

A Sidmouth community group is asking residents to fill out a questionnaire on ‘How are things in Lock Down’ in Sidmouth?

The Vision Group Sidmouth (VGS) has created a questionnaire to put to Sidmouth residents on the realities of life in lock down.

The questionnaire includes questions on: Traffic, cycling, money, home working, deliveries of essential goods, supermarkets, shopping habits, business and virtual communication.

VGS is particularly interested in whether you would continue to use the delivery services set up by local businesses once the lock down is over.

A spokesperson for VGS said: “We need your input now, as we look at how we are managing in such a different world – and also how we might manage in the future.

“We would be very grateful if you would ‘interact’ with this questionnaire; it looks a bit daunting but you can take as long or as short a time as you wish

“As you will see we are not asking for names, the data will be completely anonymous but of course you can always email us at if you want to give ‘on the record’ comments.

“All the questions are voluntary so you can just answer some of them if you want, although we hope it is easy enough for you to answer all those with tick boxes.”

If you are planning to fill out the questionnaire please tick ALL those which apply. You do have the chance to say more as well if you would like to.

The survey will close on Monday, May 4, and VGS hopes to have the results collated very soon.

The findings will then be put into a single document and circulated to the press and local councils.

The VGS spokesperson added: “Who knows what further ideas and actions might come out of your responses?”